Active Recovery Classes

Active recovery classes are group exercise sessions, incorporating exercises such as Pilates and strength training.

So what is Pilates?

Pilates is a of exercise designed to target your 'core' or postural muscles.

It is a gentle form of exercise, suitable for people with injuries and any level of fitness.

Pilates is particularly useful for sufferers of spinal pain, but can also be used for specific endurance and strength training.

It works by retraining your body in the correct movement patterns which are often lost with pain and injury.



Active Recovery Classes at Adelaide Physio & Pilates Studio 

Prior to commencing an exercise program program your core muscles will be assessed using Diagnostic Ultrasound. Using Diagnostic Ultrasound, trained physiotherapists are able to accurately see what your core muscles are doing, specifically whether they are under or over working. This information is combined with the rest of our physical assessment to create a program that is specific to you and your needs.


Individual Exercise

At Adelaide Physio and Pilates Studio, exercises are performed using specialised equipment. You will require 2-4 individual lessons for us to develop your program before joining a group.

Group Exercise

Once you have completed your individual exercise sessions, you may choose to attend a supervised group session. In the group class you will continue with the same individualised program. There will be a maximum of 5 people per group, which ensures that each individual continues to receive close guidance by the Physiotherapist.


Initial Consult $110

Individual sessions $85

Group sessions $35, or $320 for 10 upfront payments

Private health rebates apply to both individual and group sessions.


Real Time Ultrasound

Real Time Ultrasound, or Diagnostic Ultrasound Diagnostic Ultrasound.


Latest research has shown the importance of assessing "core" muscle tone and activity. This is beneficial for both treatment and prevention of many conditions, including low back pain.

To properly visualise and teach you how to activate your core muscles we use Real Time Ultrasound. This gives us a "window" into your muscle function, and you will be able to see what all the fuss is about. The muscles we are most interested in include, but are not limited to, your pelvic floor, tranversus abdominus and obliques.

Having an Ultrasound assessment at Adelaide Physiotherapy is the gold standard before you commence an exercise program.

Weekly Pilates Timetable

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