Spinal Painshutterstock_125580986.jpg

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you a long term sufferer of spinal pain?
  • Have you found only temporary relief with past treatments?
  • Would you like to have a professional, thorough assessment of your posture, biomechanics and motor control?

Well this is the service for you!

At Adelaide Physio and Pilates Studio we will demystify your spinal pain by using the latest technology and evidence based management strategies. We will give you the time to tell your story, and spend time helping you understand the problem. We will provide you with a full postural, biomechanical and muscle assessment for your spine, hips and pelvis. We will also complete a thourough assessment of other injuries, and perform a review of postural muscles using Diagnostic Ultrasound.

Treatment may include spinal mobilisation/manipulation, soft tissue techniques, dry needling, education, Pilates and an individualised exercise program.