Occupational Physiotherapy

We have 3 very experienced physiotherapists working in this area, Claire Osterstock, Charlotte Gerner and Sheryl Ong. All physiotherapists are available to work on site at your company.

Different organisations have different needs. Some of the on site services available include:

  • On site physiotherapy injury assessment and treatment
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Job analysis
  • Work site assessment
  • Manual handling training
  • Pre and post employment testing
  • Job dictionaries
  • Wellness Programmes

We also stock a variety of ergonomic products perfect for assisting you in your workplace.

  • Microdesks: The microdesk allows the user to view documents whilst using still computer. It is an in-line document holder and a portable writing slope. The Microdesk keeps you in line at all times, helping to reduce neck strain and improves posture. The microdesk:
    • Was designed by a leading Occupational Health Physiotherapist
    • Improves working posture and increases comfort at your desk
    • Instantly adds working space to any desk
    • Reduces the need to reach, stretch or twist to interact with paperwork
What's the fuss about sit-stand desks?
  • Sit Stand desks: There is growing evidence to suggest that working in a sedentary job reduces life expectancy by up to 5 years!!! This is because our bodies are unable to burn fat and glucose whilst sitting still. Unfortunately, exercise before of after work does little to impact on this. This is because the risk is linked to the total length of time spent sitting during the day!

    However it is not all doom and gloom!

    You can easily decrease your risk by reducing your total time spent sitting. This can be achieved by having an electric sit-stand desk! A sit stand desk allows you to keep moving throughout the day, helping your body!

    When considering a sit-stand desk, you should consider..

    • The time and ease in which it moves. 
    • The height parameters that it moves within. 
    • Where your power points are in relation to the desk.
    • Any child safety mechanisms. 

For enquiries please phone the clinic on 8431 3559, and ask to speak with Claire.