Men's Health

Pelvic floor

Yes, men do have a pelvic floor! But fortunately for men, they are less likely to experience the symptoms of pelvic floor weakness. Risk factors for pelvic floor problems include being overweight, doing heavy work, having a chronic cough, chronic constipation and prostate surgery.

Back pain

One of the roles of the pelvic floor is to assist with core stability. Learning how to correctly activate the pelvic floor can reduce the incidence of low back pain, and assist in recovering from low back pain.

Prostate surgery

Before prostate surgery your doctor may ask you to have a physiotherapy assessment. This is because men need their pelvic floor after prostate surgery more than ever before!  Learning how to activate the pelvic floor pre-op can make things a lot easier after, and significantly reduce the chance of incontinence. Both Claire Osterstock and Joanna Shelton are trained to assess your pelvic floor pre and post surgery.


A bladder diary is commonly used at Adelaide Physio and Pilates Studio to gain a clear picture of how the bladder is functioning including level of urgency, volumes of urine as well as any leakage of urine throughout the day. Filling out a bladder diary helps the Physiotherapist design a treatment approach that is suited to each individuals symptoms.

Download bladder diary instructions here

Download bladder diary here.